What was “the incident” in your family?

This one is based on me. I’ll make it short and easy to understand.

I dated a girl who ended up being my 2nd cousins daughter. My 2nd cousin is really respected amongst our family and loved by everyone (we have a big family who are really close). I met the daughter at a wedding and I had no idea who she was. We both were into each other from the beginning. We decided to pursue a relationship.

She ended up being very abusive towards me. A complete liar. We ended up breaking up. I couldn’t believe she was like that. I reached out to her mother. Who instantly denied everything, blamed me and told me to stop lying.

It didn’t stop there. To save their reputation they spoke to many whole family behind my back and totally flipped the story. Not once did they take responsibility for anything. Everyone ends up hating me. Some people in my family know it’s not true but they think it’s just easier to go with the majority.

To this day I’ve been removed from the family and everyone acts like I’ve never existed. They think “oh well he’s already dealt with it this long he can live with it now”.

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