What innocent question has someone asked you that secretly crushed you a little inside?

I’m not sure that this is what was asked for, but it’s the first thing that came to mind.

I work in a veterinary hospital. About a year ago we had a patient in that belonged to an older friend of mine. Results weren’t good, and we scheduled euthanasia for later that evening after she finished work. She was going to come pick the dog up, spend some time with him in the park on the street, then bring him back in for the procedure.

I knew her connection to her dogs and that this would destroy her, so I stuck around for the extra hour or so between my shift ending and her coming to pick him up, and sat in reception with her while she waited for him to be brought out. When the doctor brought him out, his IV line still in but wrapped up for his park trip, I saw her heart finally shatter the rest of the way. I put so much effort into holding it together and supporting her while she went through the details with the doctor, but I just about lost it when they asked if she had any other questions and she just asked one thing, with a tiny voice and desperate tears in her eyes -

“Is there any way we can not do this?”

With that my heart shattered too. She declined my offer to go to the park with her or stay for the procedure. But I didn’t feel right leaving, so I sat in my car and waited until I saw her go back in, and eventually return to her car with his tiny body wrapped up for burial.

Sorry this ended up a lot longer than planned, but fwiw it was a little cathartic.

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