What job do you have no respect for?

EMTs and nurses. Hear me out:

As a former heroin addict I have seen a lack of respect from both. I once ODed had an ambulance called on for me. EMTs show up I’m fine awake whatever, I go because the police make me saying they will arrest me if I don’t. I’m not aggressive and just go because again whatever.

In the bus they are asking me basic question one being what do I do, as in job or whatever. I said, which is the truth I go to college for chemistry to which one replied “college, man he’s fucked up those must be good drugs” and not in a joking way in a completely condescending and mockery tone.

Go on methadone and the nurses there belittle everyone, one literally telling me to get a hair cut. They didn’t believe anything I said in regards to my health because I was a drug addict.

So now, even with the pandemic, I know they don’t want to help everyone. I know they only want to help the people they deem deserving of help. They may be forced to help everyone but that’s not by choice.

I know those are single experiences and I’ll get downvoted because of “omg pandemic” but no fuck that, some jobs attract high school bs never grew the fuck up people. You can see it in some office supervisors and I assure you you’ll see it where I said too.

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