What a joke this place is...

1 person comes in and grabs all the items out of time that morning shift left from breakfast run. Then cooks and resets the bar for evening rush or Live at 5 or whatever it is called now.

Then cooks Grab and Go's for deli case and front end case, cooks a case of 8 pieces for both counters, loads the rotisseries in between whenever possible, catches customers at the bar and possibly the slicers.

Then works on cleaning trash and equipment left from morning shift, continuing to catch customers until 7 or 8 hours into the shift and heads to lunch.

The 4pm, 5pm, and other closer (if one is scheduled); stand up by bakery table and talk, or in the back behind the supply steel and look up eBay, text, or watch YouTube.

I figure this is the standard for all WalMart Deli folks, but I could be mistaken.

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