What is a "joke" you've heard that ended up taking a negative toll on you? Was it something said by someone you knew or something in the media?

There’s nothing wrong with being married, unmarried or divorced at any age. But it is very rude and mean to make someone feel bad for being single in their 30s. Life is hard enough and sometimes it’s really hard to meet someone. Marriage isn’t like going to the dealership and just buying a new car you like. Sometimes you meet people at the wrong time or you just don’t find anyone you connect with. People are unmarried or divorced or childless for a lot of things in and out of their control. It’s awful when someone makes you feel small or inferior for these things though. I’ve had my share of this from friends and family and I’m used to it by now. But it’s taken such a toll on me in my 20s and made me so depressed and frustrated for most of my life. I wish that in 2020 we can leave the stigma behind of being single, being divorced, choosing to not have kids etc.

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