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The Nazis barely won their first elections. By the time they were winning by %99, people were being threatened with arrest by the secret police if they didn’t vote “correctly.” At no point during Nazi Germany did %99 of people actually support the Nazi Party. The party controlled through fear and terror.

I can agree that there are flaws in how our Democracies are set up, especially mine in the US. But the main flaw is that everyone doesn’t get an equal vote due to things like the electoral college. I don’t see how putting even more power in the hands of a select few, in an authoritarian government, is the way to solve that.

Being divided is only an issue if they lose all reason and vote solely based on what side they believe in. People should have different opinions, as long as everyone is open to the fact that others might not agree with everything they say. Fighting for ones beliefs, and trying to prove them, is how humanity grows. I will admit the current political party situation in the US is flawed because people have only two options, but again the solution is to introduce more choice not less.

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