What just needs to fuck off and die already?

Yep don't know if you know the company called Schuh, but I used to work there for a couple of months and there was a leaderboard basically with all the workers e-receipt percentages and it was posted on Facebook for all of our co workers to see and if you were at the bottom of the leaderboard because you couldn't get enough people to give you email addresses to send the receipts to then the manager pulled you into the office and grilled you. We were also scored out of 100 on our customer service , so we got a lot of points taken off of us if a manager seen us not asking a customer for their email address when they bought shoes or we got a shit tonne of points taken off us if we didn't put a fake smile on and do the over the top customer service shite you see. I got let go from the company after 5 months because my score dropped below 50 in the last two months because I got sick of asking for email addresses every 2 minutes and putting a fake smile on for 6 hours a day. Was a complete load of shite, 2/10 would not try again

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