What is keeping you up tonight?

I miss my mom a lot. I wonder what she would think about me. What she would say. Since she passed I've graduated college and have just gotten out of a long term relationship with someone who cheated. I live by myself and don't see anyone except on weekends because I work nights. Last year was hard too. I lost the person I loved. I caught covid and ended up with lung damage. The only real positive is that I'm self sufficient. All anti depressants did was make me fat. I'm slowly turning into a drunk who has a history and poly sci degree and half an education degree but had to stop because of crohn's. I should have a psych degree because I did my ex's work for her. Life just sucks right now. This time last year I was in the psych ward because as soon as I was sure I was done with school I checked myself in because I didn't know what else to do. I just want to see my mom again to be honest. Life has been hard and I'm tired of hiding everything from everyone. I wish I was a kid again when everything was so much easier. Its just really hard right now. I'm doing great financially because of my work and stocks but I'm mentally still a scared kid who wants to see his mom. I'll probably end up deleting this tomorrow when I sober up a bit. I have to go to bed because I have work on the morning

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