What keeps you playing?

Social aspect?

Most players are assholes, go to any public place (minigames spotlight, max guild, W2 G.E) and you'll see for yourself.

Thrill of updates? What updates? The only thrill is knowing if they'll have some game breaking bug, or if they'll get nerfed later on for being too OP (A.k.a Monday early bird bonus).

Quests? Listen pal, nobody, and i mean it, nobody I know is thrilled about their quests, i still don't understand why but quest lovers aren't that common, and if they're common, then they should speak more often.

The only challenge in the game is not getting called out or bullied by an elitist, because apparently being able to kill a boss doesn't matter if you don't do it as fast as the elitists out there.

If anything, what keeps you coming back to RuneScape is the "unfinished business" you left out the last time you took a break.

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