What kind of attitude towards authority and rules do you find attractive (men and women)?

  1. Do you prefer a partner who doesnt see law as an extention of morality and is comfortable breaking rules they dont agree with (victimless crimes/low risk situations only)?


  1. Do you like the mindset that questions and challenges moral norms that are considered established (if they dont believe anything that really violates your own moral.codex)?


  1. Do you get annoyed by people who obey every rule, whether its health advice or some location specific rules that might not make sense or can be avoided for convenience?


  1. Do you prefer a partner with no health vices at all (smoking, drinking , occasional drugs)


  1. Would you want your partner to be willing to break a law for you or cover for you?


  1. If you answered yes to the 5th question, would you extend that to anyone your partner cares about (e.g family)?

Depends on the person

  1. Do you dislike snitches (provided no innocent person is being directly harmed by staying silent)?

Yes (i mean who doesnt?)

  1. Would it bother you to know your partner cheated on some exams on occasion during their school or university years (if it doesn't affect how knowledgable they are now)?


  1. Would it bother you if your partner doesnt care about "work ethics" in the sense that while they can keep a job, they will try to get as much benefits as possible, use sick days when they feel like it etc, for the least work possible?

Yes it would bother me

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