What kind of careers do you all have? How do you navigate the modern secular school/business system?

The best advice I ever heard was to figure out what you’re good at and what you enjoy. Evaluate what your skills are: math/science? Social skills? Liberal arts? Then look at what college majors/training would allow you to succeed with that skill set. Then figure out which jobs you can do and find internships/shadow people in those fields in

There are jobs with Catholic orgs and charities but they are fairly rare, so if you’re passionate about something look into those. For the majority of us, we are going to work regular jobs. Most of these won’t conflict with your faith. You can be a doctor, teacher, plumber, engineer, etc. and generally follow your faith. I never have discussions about politics or faith with my co-workers or the clients we serve. If someone brings it up, I generally ask them to tell me more about whatever they’re saying but don’t interject because honestly it’s not my place to have that discussion but to do my job. Most jobs are that way

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