What kinds of cars are popular in your area?

NYC very diverse. Almost any car you can think of, driven here.

Also depends on the neighborhood. Midtown Manhattan for example, a few of leased S classes, BMW 5/7 series, Cadillac somethings. Lots of shit in Manhattan too don't get me wrong. But you don't often see that nice shit often in the poor outer boroughs. Out there you see Highlanders, Pilots, Camry, some acura, some Lexus, many older Mercedes, 3 and 5 series, etc.

There's just about every crossover, many different types of sedans like the Civic, Accord, Sonata, etc.

Though there's a LOT of taxis. Most of those are Camrys, some Avalons, RAV4, some Hyundais and Kia. Corollas.

Our taxi vehicles are the more interesting tally. Often people won't buy certain cars as personal vehicles because there's a thousand of them being used as taxis.

Our car culture is kinda trash. Many people don't get their license at all until their mid 20s and 30s, believe that?

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