What is known so far about the travel issues that have left many of the WWE Talent stuck in Saudi Arabia

From a stockholders’s perspective Vince’s safety doesn’t matter.

Stock prices dropped back when he kayfabe blew up in a limo.

I don't think you understand how badly a stock will react when the CEO and founder of a company unexpectedly dies.

Not everybody that invests in WWE pays attention to the day to day operations of a company. In fact, most investors don't even give a fuck about WWE, it's just ticking a box for the entertainment segment of their portfolio. They hear the quarterly report (maybe) and see the revenue. If revenue is going up, they don't care about the stupid shit that /r/SC obsesses over.

And then when they hear in the news that Vince McMahon was murdered in Saudi Arabia, they will panic and sell, because McMahon is WWE to them. There are thousands of wrestlers that can be slotted into a match...but the is only one Vince McMahon.

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