What was the last time you cried and why?

I never claimed to know what you've been through though. You did indirectly. You're saying "Nothing about what you said can't be changed" when that is patently false. A lot of what I said can't be currently changed due to the corner I've been shoved in, whether through my own fault or just shitty luck. A 'good shake and wake' isn't going to do anything either because I don't know you and you should have known that as well. Just slapping someone online in a 'tough love kinda way' is not going to work because it just makes you look like a completely obscene cunt.

There are a lot of people who are in a sad state of misery but I don't go around on here moping all the time. Do I have problems? Yes. Do I want to die? Yes. Do I cry about it? Yes. Do I cry about it on here? No. I only mentioned it because of a direct question asking when the last time I cried and why. Staying positive also won't work in a lot of instances because sometimes there's just nothing to be positive about. The things that are getting me down are beyond my control and I've done the things I can to improve that. It's mainly relationships that I can't salvage because of the other person feeling a certain way, or a lack of job, or whatever the fuck.

So while I appreciate the 'tough love' feeling, you might want to word it differently next time. I'm a big boy, I can handle people saying shit to me. But merely ignoring everything about how someone feels and saying "Get over it" is possibly the worst thing you could ever do to someone. Especially when they don't know you. If you've been through hell and back, you should know that. Coming from someone you know, especially someone you care about, yeah. That'll have an impact. But coming from someone you've never talked to before just seems like another person ignoring how you feel and forcing their own views on you because how they see the world must be right.

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