What I learned getting the Reckoner title without a fireteam.

Yes, it is definitely doable! That being, the title requires A LOT of Gambit, so it's important to ask yourself - do you actually enjoy playing Gambit? If you don't, I'd encourage you to give it a miss. If like me, you do, you might find the infamous Reckoner "grind" to actually be fun... for the most part.

I can give you a rough idea of how long it will take. I started going for Reckoner two weeks ago - before that I had 0% progress on any of the triumphs. Since then, I have played 88 games of Gambit Prime. This is what my progress is looking like. I didn't intend to make progress so quickly (rather I had planned to take my time throughout the rest of the season), but coincidentally this week was triple infamy so I thought I might as well play a bunch of Gambit. I estimate I'll need about another 50 more games - meaning 138 games total. Since Gambit Prime games take an average of 10 minutes, this equals 23 hours of Gambit Prime - you should expect a similar amount of time.

The part of Reckoner that is not fun (I would go so far as to say soul-crushingly painful) is the considerable number of Reckoning runs to get the armour sets and finish the collection. The Reckoning runs are the grindiest part of the seal because matchmaking sucks and nobody has any idea what they are doing. You are going to have to carry your team. I carried by running warmind cells for the first room and middle tree dawnblade with phoenix protocol for the second room. The best advice I can give is to take lots of breaks and to have a good music playlist or something going in the backround, otherwise you will go insane very quickly. Thank god I only have 3 armour pieces and one weapon left to farm, then I am never touching that gamemode ever again.

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