What it's like to be a 49M, dating 20–25 year-old females

Sorry, I don't get any of this. Maybe it's different in Europe, I don't know. I can see 3 and 4s in their 20s going after guys with some money that are balding and thin build, but to break the top 10-20 percent in a decent size city in the U.S. - I'm not buying it.

I don't care how many posts we have like this about status/ power are making panties drop, the number one thing that determines if a girl wants to fuck you is lifting. You can certainly ruin your chances by opening your mouth, having a shitty job, bad style etc. But broad shoulders, v-taper, six pack with full hair, good teeth and form fitting clothes is what gets the attention 8s-10s. This is proven over and over and over again. Plenty of ways to validate it whether tinder, women in your social circle (provided they are 8-10s themselves), and from your own experience.

I'm also not sure what all the comments about women after 25-30 aren't worth the hassle. ALL woman are a hassle - AWALT. But who cares? What are you doing having mini relationships with them? Chatting them up for hours or texting or going on dinner dates? There are plenty of hot women in their 30s and 40s and you can delude yourself into thinking their rejection of you makes them not worth it, but if a hot 8, 9 walks past you, ruling them out is just a cop out. 35 year old women complaining about losers contacting them are SMV 5-6 single mom losers themselves. You never hear the attractive ones complaining about who they are pulling and they sure as shit aren't online looking for guys.

Also, not sure what to think about the shopping spree thing getting women all excited. I'd be excited also with a wad of cash given to me. Maybe it's just me, but looking directly into girl's eyes, going for a kiss, getting more intense, guiding and allowing her to feel up my pecs, stomach and shoulders is what gets them wet. Absolutely not possible if you don't lift. I could talk her ear off and maybe impress with my life experiences, humor, career etc, but if 20 year old chad walks by in a bathing suit, I've lost this girl's attention.

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