What is it like to have clear skin

I feel you... I'm 21 and have had acne since was about 13. During my teenage years, people always told me it would go away once puberty is over. Boy was I upset when I turned 20 and my skin still looked like a 16 year old's. It's improved a bit since I started taking the pill, but I keep getting phases where I'll break out like crazy. I tend to get the really painful, cystic acne, too, so not only is it hard to cover up, it also hurts so so bad and takes weeks to completely fade away. It sucks. I've been to dermatologists several times, gotten chemical peels and prescription creams (Epiduo and Acnatac), and they do help to some extent. My acne is much more manageable. But sometimes I wonder if it's too much to ask for to finally have clear skin, not just slightly less acne? I've read about medications for acne (I think it's called Accutane in the US) but my dermatologist won't prescribe it for me. I know it's meant for more severe acne but it's really taking a toll on me at this point. I feel hopeless.

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