What is it like to be rich?

I'm not rich, but I'm in a pretty comfortable, stable financial place. I have also been where you are. It is a massive relief to not worry about bills. An emergency expense comes up, I just pay it, no stress, no rice and beans for the rest of the month. Time for a new car, I just buy one. I own a home. I have a good cushion of savings. I feel like I'll actually be able to retire someday, barring a terrible setback. I'm able to donate to charity. I treat myself to fun things that I never would've even considered before. When I go to an event, I get the best seat I can. I travel, often upgrading to first class, staying in nice hotels, and going to fairly expensive places. Not super rich people stuff, but upper middle class stuff. I pay people to do things I don't want to do, like clean my house. Well, not now because of Covid. I pay someone to not clean my house. I do still have gardening service and have pretty much everything delivered. I don't buy a lot of stuff or super spendy luxury/designer stuff. That's just not my thing, but I love having the financial space to spend on experiences and making my non-work life easier, and still have savings and stability. It's a good place to be.

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