What little touches do you add to your world to make it feel more surreal?

*There is a small island in the Celtic Sea where everything is alive. And I mean the walking, talking kind of alive. Trees, animals, rocks and clocks all live on the island in harmony. The island is governed by a council of sentient mammals called "The Red Circle", and communication with the outside world is uncommon, if it happens at all, and many believe the island is nothing more than a fairy tale.

*The kingdoms of Wardenfell and Winterspire in Eriatrea are divided by a vast frozen wasteland called the Kefre Desert. No matter what the weather is north or south of the Kefre, the area remains completely frozen.

*The Celtic Sea has an island called Amority, where nearly everyone either cross dresses, is homosexual, or is transgender (via magic, alchemy and sometimes more eldritch rituals). The kingdom appears to have zero regard for gender or any sort of societal hierarchy. Sex between different genders is generally seen as purely for reproductive purposes. Each year, the members of a village will hold a ceremony where the "men" and "women" of the village will have sex, and the children born are raised by the community, rather than by their birth parents.

*Floating around in the ocean somewhere is a huge raft, simply called "The Barge". The Barge moves around the sea, seemingly aimless, and has for who knows how long. If a ship were to stumble upon the Barge and anchor there, they would find it almost abandoned, as it is populated by decrepit, malnourished humans and scary ghoulish creatures who would prefer to stay hidden from visitors. Many ships will land on the Barge because they mistake the thousands of lanterns for lighthouses or villages of a nearby Kingdom or island. Sometimes the captain will recognize their mistake and leave the Barge before getting into trouble, but oftentimes crews become victims of ambushes by the more malignant inhabitants of the floating city.

*In the state of Maldon, the most southern Kingdom in this setting, raiders ride into villages and towns on top of gigantic millipedes, and use a certain kind of seaside cave snails as grenades. Yes, there are exploding snails.

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