What was losing your virginity like? NSFW

I'd been seeing this guy for about a month and a half. I was nervous as hell because he wasn't a virgin but I was. We went outside with a few blankets with the excuse of "star-gazing". I lived on a couple acres in the country, so we walked way out into the backyard into a dark area and laid out the blankets. Had a bit of a warm up makeout session. Finally he whips his dick out and he wasn't just bragging. It was big. Long, rather than thick, but nice. It hurt at first but eventually started to feel good. I remember looking up at the sky when I thought I reached an orgasm and seeing a shooting star. Turns out the shooting star was probably from a meteor shower and more real than the orgasm I thought I was having. Didn't take me too long afterwards to figure out my own mechanics and learn how great an orgasm actually felt. (Prior to this I'd only masturbated by flicking the bean, so vaginal orgasms were totally foreign to me). We stayed together for another few months till he moved back to Nevada. All in all, not a bad experience.

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