This is what Louis Vuitton looks like in League of Legends

Ralph Lauren is not designer. And I own or have owned stock in LVMH and Gucci, believe me, they make their money of middle class people. I also made quite a bit on GOOS when I saw it become popular and bought the stock. You’re the one labelling people here. You’re just ignorant.

Suits are in a different class altogether, those are made for doing business. Same with high-end watches which are usually bought as an accolade to crown one’s achievement.

And its funny you have listed celebrities and footballers, who are only a small percentage but with high exposure. Those people are (free) marketing machines. And in my country both Gucci and Armani have bad reps as well. It’s considered not sophisticated in the higher class to wear designer clothes with logos plastered all over or to even wear some brand like Gucci at all.

I personally own mostly Moncler, Tommy Hillfiger, RL (low-quality fabrics though) and Burberry. But most of this clothing is low-profile. And please, I know all these brands. It’s exemplary that you assume I don’t, you with all your fashion knowledge thinking it’s so special. And all my suits are 400+, I buy quality because it means it won’t break down plus it makes me look smart.

Read one annual report of one of these companies and the proof is there, these brands make their money of low and middle class people. In the city where I live, I see heaps and heaps of people walking in those clothes who probably spend half their monthly income on it, and that is just dumb. They try to look like they have class but they just look like poor people trying to look rich.

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