What made you attracted to someone that you hadn't really noticed before?

I had a digital camera back in 2001 or so, before they were common or affordable (saved over $300 for it. I was 14). I had taken pictures of this nerdy guy in my orchestra class along with some closer friends of mine. When I uploaded the pictures, he just had this beautiful grin and was looking right at the camera/me. He was gorgeous and I had known him as an acquaintance for years and never realized it! I was suddenly transfixed. It took several months and borderline stalking, but I finally got him to be my close friend and then eventually to date me at 15. I was head over heels. We dated 11 mos before I got disappointed in what relationships really were (it was my first) and how routine and almost boring things became. I started liking someone else and we broke up. The other guy and I got together and dated 4yrs. Guy #2 was Hella controlling and emotionally abusive. The entire time I was with him I was mad that I let the 1st guy go and secretly wished I'd find a way to get him back. I suffered for my stupidity for a couple more years beyond breaking up with #2, until guy #1 got married and had kids. I'm happily married now too and just ran into guy 1 about 1.5 yrs ago for the first time in over 10yrs. We caught up and he seemed a little too negative about his life being a father of 2, so I didn't really enjoy chatting for too long. I hope he's happier than he let on. I still feel bad for being the one to finally notice the cute nerdy guy and then break his heart.

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