What made you want to become a nurse?

I wanted to be a nurse as a child. Got distracted by other things,.started a bio degree. Realized I couldn't get a job. Ended up back at nursing. I also really enjoy problem solving and pattern recognition, schemas. I like the aspect of being the one to see the intake and output from all the tubes and drains, the response to rx treatment or whatever. Nurses are the first ones to notice something is up because we're always there (and I have 4 patients, not 15 on a list) Not really a lot of diagnosing since it's outside nursing scope, but I still get the puzzle, if that makes sense. At the end of it, sometimes you see how all the pieces fit together but you aren't the one lining them up.

95% of the time I'm pretty excited to be at work and enjoy learning stuff every day. I also really appreciate that I work 3 or 4 12s, don't take call, etc.

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