What made Casey’s coaching ineffective in the playoffs?

-moronic lineup/rotation decisions (CJ getting cooked by Love, 4-guard lineups, starting Hansbrough against the Wizards etc.) -awful usage of timeouts -atrocious at in-game adjustment, can only adjust once the game is already over -garbage ATO plays (literally drew up a play from the wrong side of the court on the final possession in game 7 against the Nets) -moronic defensive scheme, the Pacers provided the fucking blueprint on how to face the Cavs, but this idiot still had people helping off shooters etc. -substitutions that make zero sense, like that one game against the Heat where Biyombo was killing them cause they had no good bigs and the Raptors were up with a few minutes left and he subbed out Biyombo for DeRozan who was like 4/17 that game with 0 assists and playing garbage defense, and the Heat immediately went on a run attack the rim every single play and won it OT.

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