What made the "Cool Teacher" Uncool?

She started kinda touching up on me and asked for my phone number so we could "maybe go somewhere after classes". It was after class and I rejected her advance and ever since then she acts kinda awkward with so idk I just don't see her as cool anymore, more like a "nice woman with some big problems"?

People prolly think its nothing and some ppl prolly think I should report her or something but idk she never tried anything after so I'm okay with it and she still teached md and will most likely teach me next year too. and I really don't think she's done it to anyone else.

I lowkey wish I did it and I hope it was for stuff more than what it should be cuz she was fr the most attractive teacher I've had. like that ass is at the "GOTT DAM" level frfr lmfao

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