What is it that made you guys disbelieve in islam and allah?

Just saying, just because there’s one mythical creature that sounds like what Muhammad rode, doesn’t mean he copied it.

Dhu Al-qarnayn is Alexander the Great... it’s not copied from him it literally is him.

The Quran has so many scientific facts only proved in the last 70 years.

It says how mountains are actually pegs in the Earth- true

The Earth is not just round, but the shape of an ostrich egg- true

The Sun and Moon can not reach each other- true

The sky is a protective ceiling- true, it protects us from UV rays

The two seas (Atlantic and Pacific Oceans) cannot transgress- true

The universe is expanding- true

Pain is from receptors in the skin- true

Waves can take place below the ocean- true

The forehead (prefrontal cortex) is responsible for sins- true

The Universe was once dark and closed up- true

It states all stages of a human embryo

It talks about tectonic plates

These are wayyy too specific to be Greek theories. And even if they are, how come these are all right and there’s no wrong ones?

Please come back to Islam. Listen, I don’t want anybody to burn. The Quran is a beautiful book and I would love to know I saved somebody. If you want, we could discuss this in a private chat.

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