What made you laugh the hardest in your entire life?

I was very tired that day. And when I'm tired, literally everything is funny.

My and my stepdad were out for the whole day one Sunday. We had church in the morning, stayed for a meeting, and we were at the store getting dinner before going back for the evening service. I had about five hours of sleep.

We were walking down the aisles and getting stuff. You know, as we all do. I kept squinting at things trying to read the labels because my eyes didn't want to focus. In the clearance aisle, there were some Annie's crackers. The little rabbit ones. (I have no idea if anyone else sees this) The label read "whole wheat bunnies" but I read in my head, "whole beet wunnies". I started laughing really hard.

The thing is, my laugh literally sounds like a guinea pig's wheeking. I literally could not stop laughing. It would be quiet, and I'd start squealing. So we're going outside, in the car, and I sort of calmed down in church. It was near the end and I was sitting next to my youth leader who I was really close with. I kept looking over to him and laughing and he asked what was going on. Oh boy.

Every two words I would start laughing. I'd get a hold and start wheezing again like a broken asthmatic. He just looked at me with so many emotions at once, I can't fully explain it. Confused, a little scared, but definitely amused. This went on for over 10 minutes. Two words, squeaking, repeat those same words, etc. When I finally told him what I read he smiled and put his hand over his nose and started laughing.

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