What made you not fear death anymore?

Little bitch ass took my dog while I was at work.

Little bitch ass fought with my great grandmother who had "ju ju" that lady would roll around on the floor and speak in tongue. I can still feel her all around me when I think of her, she's definitely watching over my family.

God, let my mother have horrible auto immune disease her whole life.

God, let my grandfather (a preacher) beat the ever lasting piss out of my father and worked him to the bone as a child.

God allowed my wife to grow up in a garage.

Am I scared of death. FUCK NO. Little bitch knows it's goin down when he sees me. Take me out of this piece of shit earthly body and let's square up mother fucker.

God's next.

Am I insane? Probably. But when you fuck with my family, I'm coming for you.

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