What made you realise you were being abused? (Serious)

When I had to hold a loaded shotgun at my drunk father to get him off my equally drunk mother.

When he handed me one of his Glocks and told me to kill myself when I was sent home for suicidal thoughts in 6th grade (12 yrs old).

When he threatened to beat me half to death if I ever became gay.

When I wouldn't get fast food for dinner (for myself may I add) so he went out and got it and then proceeded to beat me in my chair.

When my mother would make excuses for him.

When she would scream at me for no real reason.

When she would smack me again for no reason. "General purposes."

When she refused to get me help for my Autism and ADHD.

When she hid the fact I had those conditions from me for years.

I could go on...

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