What made you side with the political party you sided with?

I'm not loyal to one party, voted for Obama then Romney, but definitely trend more conservative. For me, with liberals (the Bernie kind, not the "I work for Goldman Sachs but don't hate gay people" kind) it's pretty much where does it stop? It seems like you give them an inch and they'll try to take a mile. They want "progress" for the sake of progress.

I see them completely neutering our immigration laws to the point where anyone opposed to open borders will be branded a disgusting racist in a few decades. They've taken policies like affirmative action and basically turned it into a warped system of quotas where incompetency is rewarded. My company (huge F100) is like 50% white, so "underrepresented", and people bitch about too many white males being hired. Never mind that we're 30% Asian, who are massively over-represented, because they're brilliant employees who deserve it.

They hate guns, and I personally agree there are certain reforms that are common sense, but they'll never stop until all the big scary black meany bad guy guns are outlawed.

They want to make America pay for anything bad it's done and bitch about how we're some evil empire while shedding crocodile tears for people from countries that are wayyyyyyy worse on every metric of basic human rights. Christians are evil and Muslims are just misunderstood victims. I'm not particularly religious and each group has issues, but it's absurd.

They hate "big business" and want to destroy any form of meritocracy, not just correct blatantly unfair practices.

Basically, if liberals want to villainize the demographics and culture that is overwhelmingly responsible for the peak achievements in human civilization, they're not gonna get a lot of votes from me.

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