What major technological advances have been made in the past year?

They think the stock price will rise. Growth in sales or revenue or whatever is not necessary. Those people might also be wrong. And certainly will be wrong in the long run in this case of Tesla.

Great investment advice there Warren. Gotta rely on nested hypotheticals to even try to beg the question. You're so convinced in your own world view that you're willing to go to these lengths to defend it.

Stock price is the perceived value of a company. If stock price rises, then people believe there is more value in it. For a manufacturing company that is generally linked to stock prices.

That's not disproving anything. Of course "they get along". But can they recharge their car in three minutes? Do they have a range of 700 miles? No? Can they drive 300 miles at 200mph and how long do they need to recharge to do it again?

What am I disproving? I noted that I know people that are doing fine with Teslas. They can recharge their cars at home. They don't need to drive 700 miles. They done need to drive 300 miles at 200mph (Huh? Where the fuck did that come from?)

So yes, Tesla is doing fine with existing tech. Existing tech is not yet enough to meet all needs... Which is do be expected given that it's in the early adopter phase.

It's probably more twice a week, so? That's an increase of 25%. It's not negligible.

You don't math well, do you?

You have just proven yourself that batteries are not good enough. Do you even read what you are writing?

Oh, by all means, explain how. I'd love to see what passes for logic in your brain.

Apparently no progress is made. We can revisit electric cars when graphene batteries are a reality. But then again: How would we charge them? It's not gonna happen.

I think the problem is you're delusional. You seem to be under the impression that your charging argument is an actual problem. Did you pass high school physics? You seem to not understand how electricity works.

Dear god, it doesn't. That car costs $80k and still isn't good enough. Anything that needs hours to recharge is not gonna cut it.

Not too hot at English either. Not sure what "well enough" means? Back on point, yes, you are still describing the early adopter phase. Good job.

This isn't any fun if you don't apply yourself, k? If the car needs to charge 16 hours peer week that means that more cars are charging at the same time than gas cars.

If this was a math test I'd have to mark off for carrying mistakes between questions. It's only 16 hours when you're a moron.

Also, you are aware that analogy was used in a different context? Oh, who am I kidding, you're a monkey. I doubt you understand contexts.

Finally, so we'd have our power requirements go up at night, when most people are sleeping and most power is off. In other words, exactly when it would make sense. I guess this is supposed to break the grid somehow?

Of course not. It was the most laughable of all your ridiculous claims. I'm pretty sure you're trolling at this point. You cannot be this obtuse. But then again i'm reminded that a whole sixth of all people has an IQ of less than 85.

Come now, I'm sure at this point even you have to be aware we're just trolling each other. You're not convincing enough with your points to pass for an actual fanatic, and I don't make a big secret out of it. Only real difference is I get upvotes for doing it, while you still seem to wear your downvotes as a mark of honor. Face it; you're not even in the same league, kid.

Protip: Real fanatics would have some links to back up their claims. They also generally maintain one central argument through the interaction. Maybe if you started with the fuel cell thing I could actually buy it, but you brought it out way too late, and then tried to make it seem like something you care about.

Oh, and next time save this part til the end. Now it's not ever worth the effort working on my retorts. You get them in point form for bad manners.

It's kinda different when the whole street is doing it at the same time.

Charge at night, maintain load.

Can address as tech develops.

So you will be putting charging stations next to every single parking spot on the street? How will you feed those? Who will pay for that? What planet are you living on? Is the weather nice there?

Centralized charging stations.

What majority? The majority is not buying them. And won't, ever.

Majority referring to people supporting that as the next logical advancement.

Is that why Toyota is actually selling one? [Carbazole](Carbazole) does exist. And it's not my favourite tech, but certainly a better on than Lithium batteries.

I would use a few of your own battery arguments, with slight modifications.

Which are all use cases.

Actual fanatics would actually provide some examples. This is plain lazy.

My point? You are supposed to argue your point. Mine doesn't need arguing.


Companies are people now? And they only make PR cars for green people with too much money.

You're not even trying now. That's more suited for /r/politics than /r/futurology.

I did not say that, actually i don't care if they would have trouble. Some certainly would.


Advanced, years, hot! Let's add more superlatives because we are american and everyone is special!

You totally lost all energy, didn't you? I feel almost bad, it's like I've been picking on a child.

They are no different from any engineers working in other companies. They needed a job and it appears that Tesla was hiring. They didn't chose Tesla for the product they are making. Are you fourteen? Newsflash: You don't get to choose for what company you get to work.

This one was sorta good, with a bit of a 1984 vibe to finish off. It might get an engineering student.

In all, I would rate your effort as a solid C. Needs improvement, but at least you seem to have listened to the lectures. Now shoo, you're no fun anymore.

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