What makes Blanka low tier?

There’s a couple of Blanka players worth noting who use new Blanka “ the way he’s meant to be played”. I put that in quotes because there isn’t a “ right” way to play him, but I believe there’s an optimal way. For example, there’s a player named Tekgod whom uses electric thunder ⚡️ in block strings regularly, and only uses ball as a hit confirm or for specific combos. This is completely different to the way 92ers played him, wherein ball and slide held more clout. I believe this is what CAN put Blanka above the rest. As many said, his tools to deal with pressure, and his ability to stick to targets is what hamstrings him in the pro circuit. But unless you’re wanting to win majors, I believe he does well. It’s been said recently by one of the “better guile players” that he becomes “ top tier when VT2 is active”. Alex Valle while streaming in early April: Blanka can’t be labeled as low tier because he can “ Street Fighter V” better than a lot of other characters.

TLDR: his tools to deal with pressure, and his redesign mean a fresh approach is needed to be optimal in a tournament setting. Some characters do what he does, just a little better

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