What makes a guy lose attraction when a woman they’re seeing/in the talking stage starts to shows a bit of clinginess and affection?

I know it's like a two month old tread but just came across it and figured I'd share my two cents. In my experience, the only time I've lost interest with someone for showing a bit of clinginess or affection was when I wasn't that into her. Once, a woman I was super into and had been talking to every day for around two weeks (early pandemic so we weren't rushing to an in-person date) got fake-mad at me for skipping a day of texting her and it just gave me butterflies in my stomach to know she missed me (like it was obvious she was joking but also a little bit not). With other women I've not been that into but swiped right on just 'cause, that would have been a turn-off.

On the flip side, I've called things off with women because they were too cold and distant -- I'm very warm and open in my relationships, and, honestly, emotional intimacy and vulnerability come fast for me. Not just in relationships but like... I'll be out drinking at a bar, maybe start talking to some dude sitting next to me, and thirty minutes later we're deep into a drunken bro-talk about our life stories and traumas lol. So when that energy is not matched by someone I'm talking to and they stay closed off, it puts me off because vulnerability has to go both ways.

So, at least as far as my experience goes, cling away. Don't do it as a test -- be your actual natural self -- but don't reign it in on purpose either. Whatever your actual energy is, you wanna find someone who vibes with that, and if showing affection the way you naturally would turns someone off, you weren't compatible with them anyway.

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