What makes the most sense in my situation involving renovations to my house.


house/insurance/property taxes-$1400/month

pre-school next year will be $150/month

phone family plan-$125


Savings $100/month

Roth $150 month

Can't really think of anything else other then food/gas/life and I'm unsure how much we spend monthly to be honest. We need to formulate a budget yet.

My wife and I bring in a minimal of $3,600 a month income, although you should probably add a realistic $600 more with my overtime I get (but lets not bank on it). We have access to roughly 20k in savings in the event I lost my job or something, and savings does not increase fast this day and age.

My house is worth $220k easy according to the realtor, but with it being more done, other houses get roughly $280 in my area. The outside of the house needs to be done this year and is not a luxury.

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