What makes someone “good in bed”?

Don't know why the responses here are so awful. (And they're all the same.) What makes someone good in bed is that the woman wants to submit to his frame entirely and gives herself completely over to him, he takes her completely and has his way with her, doing what he will as she melts in orgasm after orgasm. (And yes, she wants it.)

what the fuck is with these responses. communication, communication, communication! What's sexy? "Is this okay?" What's sexier: "Do you mind if I try this?" What's even sexier: "Before we start, could you sign these four pages about what you are and are not willing to do?" And what's mind-blowingly awesome: before you start, could you sign these forty pages about what you are and are not wiling to do. Look over it for a day or two and then we'll discuss point by point.


come on. In this entire thread the only good response is "Intrinsic primal passion" and my response. (the first paragraph.)

As for how boring and bad the rest of your responses are, it's summed up by another sarcastic comment in this thread: "Don’t touch me and sleep quietly. You’re doing it right."

Because that's what a turn off the rest of the responses are. Awful answers.

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