What manga have you read this week, and what do you think about it? - Week ending May 28, 2017

One Piece - Chap 1 - 316

I finally took the time to start One Piece a few week ago and to be honest, I am.. disappointed.
Not to say that I don't enjoy it, but after reading so much praise about it (and how it's supposed to be better than Naruto and Bleach) I was expecting better.
So far I would say that it's barely better than Fairy tail, and far behind Naruto.

Here's a little list of what annoy me the most (no real spoilers) :

[Plot Armor :
In One Piece, the author don't even try to explain anything. The main characters can be hit by hundred of "Deathly attacks" and they will get up like nothing happened (even if they were on the verge to die just before).

Nobody dies :
Whether it is the bad guys, main char or even supporting char, nobody dies. Sometimes, it is said that someone died but a few chapter latter, surprise ! he is still alive. Because of it there's a serious lack of tension.

Nakama power :
Every few chapters, we get a speech about friendship. The worst offender is luffy, who consistently needs to say "because we are friends" and shit like this which makes me want to stop reading for the day.

Plotholes and incoherencies : Most of the fights are pure bullshit. The bad guys conveniently forget to use their powers and get defeated in one hit even though their opponent couldn't even touch them so far.](/spoiler)

There's probably others things that I didn't remember.

So yeah, I will keep reading because despite all of these things, I still enjoy reading One Piece (even though it is infuriating at times). But so far I wouldn't really call it "good".

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