In what may be one of the most pathetic threads ever to grace /b/ (yes really), a depressed virgin NEET reveals that he sent 65k to a titty streamer who he thought was his gf, streamer proceeds to spend it on doggie outfits and her bf while taunting and degrading OP, and OP doxxes himself in proof.

Reasons why women are the embodiment of evil

Society view femoids as the benevolent creatures of light that can do no wrong. They think that cum dumpsters are nothing but angels that should be compensated and put in a godlike pedestals because they happen to be born with a vagina. But society is wrong. Bitches are nothing but natural born psycho(paths). They are pure and utter evil, who have no thoughts or feelings and should be seen as the malevolent creatures they truly are.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Femoids pretend to be victims whenever they want so they can get their way.

  • Femoids accuse men of false ra(pe) allegations only to get them convicted for a lifetime.

  • Femoids are hypocritical creatures that say one thing only to do the complete opposite.

  • Femoids are pathological liars who never say the truth; which is why you can't believe anything that comes out of their mouths.

  • Femoids are masters manipulators who will exploit innocent souls to get what they want.

  • Femoids treat a large percentage of the population (ugly men) as subhuman.

  • Femoid are racists who solely reject men due their race.

  • Femoids are hypergamous sluts who reject men of their own footing for genetically superior males.

  • Femoid love shaming/rejecting men due to things that they have no control of (example: looks, height, cawk size, and etc).

  • Femoids will reject a man because he is a virigin.

  • Femoids are not capable of loving or caring towards men, unless the man is Chad/Tyrone/Chang.

  • Femoids are serial killers who end the life's of thousands and thousands of unborn children.

  • Femoids are child abusers who put their children in hormone therapy in a very young age.

  • Femoids take away attention from males oriented mental illnesses such as depression only to make it about themselves.

  • Femoids condemn countless of men to suuicide and feel nothing about it.

  • Femoids are all unloyal and untrustworthy cunts who will cheat no matter how good they appear to be.

  • Femoids are gold-digging whores who marry men solely due to money only to divorce them and take half of their shit.

  • Femoids are deceptive cunts who show a facade of false emotions to a man only to lead him on and use him to get what they wants.

  • Femoids take joy in bullying, shaming, mocking ugly men whenever they can.

  • Femoid appear to show that they are creatures of emotion and compassion, but only in an attempt of virtue signalling so they can show the world how kind they are.

  • Femoids only want a small part of the population to reproduce.

  • Femoid not only take part in degenerate acts, but encourage others to do the same, which leads to the destruction of society.

  • Femoids say that they care about Incels but won't provide them with sex.

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