What is the meanest thing said to you?

TL;DR: I was once told to kill myself and stop bothering important people with my petty problems by an anonymous raving Objectivist staffer of NJ Governor Christie Whitman's administration.

Backstory: One of the stranger examples of bias against people with disabilities is an assumption that the disabled as somehow mentally deficient. This is why you often see people talking to the physically disabled as if they are children. It's similar to the stupid tendency of some people to talk really loud and slow to blind people--something the blind often joke about. The converse of this logic is that when a disabled person who isn't very obviously physically disabled seems articulate and intelligent, they are suspected of not actually being disabled, regardless of the nature of their health problems.

Having grown up with chronic illness, this is a kind of bias I have encountered in many forms from teachers, bureaucrats, and corporate executives. One of the worst experiences I had with this was when seeking help from NJ's Department of Vocational Rehabilitation as I sought employment as a young adult. They refused to accept their responsibility to help people who were any less obviously disabled than missing limbs or being wheelchair-bound and spent ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money sending me from one doctor to another in a futile attempt to prove me a hypochondriac. When they finally gave up on that tactic they simply became obstructive, forcing me to do my own research into programs that might help and blocking my attempts to apply to them. At one point they had me apply to a disabled telecommuting job placement program called Lift Inc. that proved to be a massive fraud, much embarrassing them. But the last straw was their ruining a deal I arranged between HP and the local community college to borrow a CAD workstation to attend their CAD courses from home. Their excuse was that, even though this cost them nothing, they couldn't endorse education of the disabled as it offered no guarantee of employment.

After this outrage I wrote a lengthy letter of complaint to the governor, but received no response until, some months later, a person claiming to be from the governor's office but refusing to identify themselves by name called me in the middle of the night. Apparently a devotee of Ayn Rand, this fellow proceeded to lecture me for much of an hour about why reason dictated that disabled people didn't really have a place in society and how expecting government to help them in any way was immoral and unfair to healthy working people. He insisted that I needed to 'face reality' and rationally accept my fate, whatever it may be. I became increasingly enraged with this rant and demanded to know what gave him the right to decide whether my life was worth living. Exasperated that he couldn't appeal to me through 'reason', he exclaimed that I should just go kill myself and stop bothering important people with my petty problems. Shaking with rage I slammed the phone down and hung-up. This phone call has haunted me ever since.

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