What is the meanest thing a teacher/professor has done to you?

A was going through a hard time and was frequently ever so slightly late to school everyday. Now, my form tutor knew about my situation and understood that it wasn’t an easy fix and I would need time to recover. She informed me that she would let all of my teachers know about it, so that they would be slightly more lenient with me being late. One teacher gave zero fucks about my situation, which is fair enough, I don’t expect a pity parade. The thing that she did wrong was publicly announce my situation to my class and the neighbouring class (bearing in mind I wanted as few people to know about it as possible), she also insinuated that I was lazy and that my situation was not reason enough to not want to ‘get my back off of the bed’. It was completely humiliating, I just wanted to have time to deal with shit.

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