What do men suffer through that women never know about?

In a similar, though less severe, situation. My partner wants things done - the kitchen remodeled, the basement finished, the attic floored, etc. There's just always a list of priorities that aren't mine.

Yet there's also some resentment for not spending enough time with them. I know they would prefer I not go to work. They'd prefer I drop any and all hobbies. They'd prefer there be nothing but attention and maybe sleep.

I've been trying to express - these are things that can't happen. We need finances to live, so I can't stop working. I could drop hobbies, but I will not be the same person without that stimulation and enrichment - I pretty quickly turn into an ornery shell of myself. I already dropped off seeing my buddies to almost not at all.

She talks about priorities - "You'd have the basement done if you had your priorities straight." Woman, it's you. I've been making you the priority for a few years now. You get my time over a countless number of projects that you want done, and you'd prefer I gave you more. I am stuck in a physical, organic body that needs to sleep and needs to eat and cannot be in two places at once. Believe me, I know it's frustrating, Im furious about my limitations too. But what you're asking for, I can't do.

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