What Mike Schultz looked like after battling COVID-19 for 6 weeks in the hospital

As someone who has spent an extended period of time in the hospital, unrelated to this current pandemic, I can vouch for the negative effects of scars and scarring.

I was in a bad automotive accident 8 years ago, and the scars/scarring that I still make things difficult. I had tubes in all the places you can imagine.

I was fortunate to not have the PEG tube placed in me, I had a feeding tube that went through my nose that went to my intestine. This is how I got nutrition and medicine.

I had the standard waste tubes, urine and fecal. The scaring in my penis still, fortunately not terrible. The tearing of the opening is such that it's not as easy to stand and pee. These are things you don't think about when you get sick or injured.

I have scars on my chest and neck. I was intubated early on and had collapsed a lung. The scar on my chest and side are from tubes that drained liquid from my lungs.

The scar tissue in my knees is still there and I still don't have full range of motion.

Summary: Scars, and extended stays at hospitals has long lasting impacts on people lives. Stay healthy and away from hospitals!

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