What minor thing that happened to you as a child has stayed with you your whole life?

when i was in like middle school my mom picked my little sister and i up and had really nice fancy whole foods cupcakes waiting for us. you know like the organic boujee kind? they were super cute because they were loaded with fancy frosting and one was made to look like a cat and the other a bunny. i thought they were beautiful and that it was a sweet gesture from my mom but when we got in the car i think my sister took the one i wanted and i think i complained to my mom since my sister wouldnt trade. because we were so focused on this we forgot to say thank you.

well my mom got REALLY pissed that we “weren’t grateful”, drove us home super angry telling us we werent grateful for anything she did. when we reached our house, which at the time was on a big hill, she took both of our cupcakes and chucked them as hard as she could down the hill because we were never grateful for anything she did, despite me crying and saying we were very thankful.

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