What is the moment during your relationship that made you decide "I will marry you."?

Do it and don't look back. If stories of basic kindness make you feel that way, adios.

First you try to white knight your way to getting your dick sucked thru the internet..

That's called a straw man fallacy. No we aren't. Specifically, what you're doing is obnoxious and unfunny. You got a large majority that felt the way I did because that's exactly the reaction it deserves. Also, I said you looked like a cunt. That remark wasn't towards your act. Comedy is supposed to be enjoyable and in a relaxed setting where people can enjoy it. Not some guerrilla standup assault.

Then you become enraged by stand up comedy you're offended by..

Bingo. Consent doesn't only matter in the bedroom.

Then you compare someone talking in public to rape..

Yes I think the new SP heart would work well for the current era. But might I suggest we get a mod who knows how to do things?

Finally you expose your age.

There is a reason you're alone. Try going outside.

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