What was the moment that made you say "This relationship is over."

He was being a dick at my apartment and I told him to leave. As he was walking away(already outside) he said he would come back later when I calmed down. I dont remember thinking anything, but all of the sudden I heard myself kinda whisper-say "dont." He asked me "what" and I repeated it again but louder. He asked me "what do you mean dont? Like ever?"

It was at this point that I realized, this was actually an option for me. I was allowed to choose to never see or talk to him again. It was the first time in my life I actually felt what people talked about when they say that "weight off your shoulders" phrase! I instantly calmed down and honestly got kinda excited to answer him. I became conscious of my words and this is how the rest of this part went:

Him: What do you mean dont? Like ever?

Me: Yeah.

Him: You cant just choose to cut me off!

Me: Yes, I can.

Him: Im your brother, I can come here whenever I want!(I cant believe he said this...he never came by, just used my place for his friends to chill for a few hours smoking weed and playing with my puppy like once a month)

Me: (overtly laughing) No, you cant.

Him: Fuck you!

Me: (Still laughing)

Him: You cant just cut family out! Ill be back!(he turns and starts walking further away)

Me: Dont!

So I see him storm around the corner and I go inside and start attending to my pup, who had started shaking and being needy, like whenever there is screaming around. I would say within 5 seconds I felt a familiar tingle down my neck and back and knew I had to get out of there. I grabbed her leash and we started out for a walk anywhere away from my apartment.

Looking back I think I knew what I was doing, as the path I chose was the main street where we were visible from the front sidewalk area of the apartments. That, and I was walking at a regular dog walk pace. Anyways, I was about 3/4ths down the block when I just knew...I didnt hear anything but I knew...turned around there he was, coming at us crazed and everything.

He gets right in my face and just start yelling about this and that, what I cant do and what he can, I dont really remember. I wasnt listening and I didnt care. I remember I did yell some shit back at him, probably about not being a real brother or all the physical and mental abuse over the years, but I had really put myself on auto pilot and was just concentrated on enjoying the last encounter I would have with him. Seeing how angry he got at being as powerless to stop the negativity as I was, priceless.

I loved every second of it. I remember hoping, and admittedly goading, that he would hit me so he would have to see the monster I did and do. I know the conversation was loud and heated though cause acouple days later these guys who work in the autobody shop across my garage asked me who that guy I was in a fight with was. They were shocked it was my brother cause they said they thought we were gonna kill each other.

I didnt care, I just waited for him to run out of steam and leave. I knew, after that departure, that it was done. I never worried about him showing up or anything like that. No one in the family backed him up or called me to forgive him(well not right away). He fucked right off, and my life has been for the better ever since.

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