What moment made you say “Yep, I’m definitely dead”, but survived with no major injuries?

I was waking my dog one night in March and it was raining. I took the Main Street I always take but something in me in my own voice told me to “walk faster”

“Walk faster, speed walk, hurry” and I’m like alight I guess I should, I mean it is raining. I start speed walking with my dog and then I hear it

Squealing tires and they’re right behind me and instinctively my dog and I just start running and the whole time we hear this car wreck happening behind us we can hear the screeching tires and the crashing and we don’t stop running until the noises stop which is about 100 feet ahead

I turn around and sure enough there’s a car wreck up on the sidewalk pinned up against the brick fence my dog and I were walking past not 10 seconds before. People start screaming and they get out of their cars to run to the wreckage and I’m just like “OH FU*K” And just kept running home with my dog

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