What moment made you fall in love with Formula 1?

Growing up in the early 90s, I remember a lot of times going for lunch at my grandparents on Sundays and watching the races with my cousins. It had quite a following here in Portugal. But then, Senna's accident, Lamy left, the Portuguese GP left the calendar and people completely lost interest..

Nowadays still not even a mention on the evening news on race days. It gets 0 coverage in generalist channels. There is live transmittion on a paid sports channel, but that's about it.

Couple months back, I caught the Netflix show, and that actually brought me back. Been following this season closely, I even got myself a wheel for the pc to play the game (which I abandoned now in favor of iracing). I've been really enjoying it, knowing a bit about all the drivers, all the principals, the names of freaking corners! It's all great, I just wish it was more balanced.

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