What moment in video games made you go "fuck this"?

For me it was a stupid tap-tap game on my cell phone.

Good graphics, fun story, a lot of achievements, good time waster.

The as I progressed over a few months of casual play, I started to realize that the math simply didn't work out. Even if I buy the next thing it would take years to get the next one, and honestly centuries of play to get the one after that.

Then one day the game said I was ready to "ascend", did it and started over but with a 10X multiplier.

So I spend months playing a game, building my shit up, enjoying it, only to realize that I have to start over to "get to the next level".

So I googled some screenshots of the game. Turns out there are millions of "Assentions" and that the game has no real purpose or goals.

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