What is the most absurd thing you've seen somebody do while driving?

TL;DR: Some bat shit crazy guy picked up and threw a car.

I was driving down the M67 which hit the inevitable traffic at the end, bringing three lanes of traffic to a standstill, even before the merge into 2 then 1. I start blasting some Offspring like a boss, knowing full well I'm going to sat here for about an hour then I have to force my way out despite not having right of way on the roundabout.

I look to my right and see a smart car with some fedora wearing, neck bearded fucktard not moving forward when the traffic moves a little, and directly next to me, the guy behind, a roid raging meat head in a 4x4 getting overly pissed off by this smart car not filling the ever increasing space in front.

About 10 minutes goes by and smart car hasn't moved despite 3 car lengths of gap, and this roid rager begind him has turned redder than a Scot in summer. Then someone from lane 3 seizes this opportunity and goes in front of the smart car... Well that does it.

Roid rager gets out and bases on Smart cars window, the guy in the smart car is a pale, scrawny little guy, the sort you'd expect to see in a fedora driving a smart car. He gets dragged out and curls up expecting a beating, but roid rager just grabs the bottom of the smart car, flips it on its side, and pushes out off the road through a gap in lane 3.

Roid rager turns back on fedora douche, who runs over to me and says "I need help please!", I ask him what the hell does he want me to do, and he replies "Give me about tree fiddy". Now it was around this time that I realised this fedora guy was 6 stories tall and a crustacean from the paleozoic era. Goddamnit! That Loch Ness Monster had got me again! I stood there shouting at him while he swam away.

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