What is the most addictive legal substance?

I once made a post on Trees with a previous account about my experiences back when I was a "spice head", as I call it. I think I deleted it because I didn't like the idea of it showing up on all these google searches, I don't like that stuff tied to me.

But it's definitely true. Spice/Synthetic weed is nothing like weed, the only thing that they have in common is that you smoke it and it gets you high. And it's a complete gamble every time you smoke it. You might end up with a ridiculous high, and I will admit that it did give me some of the craziest highs, I'd turn on some music like Electric Wizard or something, even at the lowest volume setting I'd feel every note vibrate and rush through my body like electricity, I'd have hallucinations and I'd play video games and really feel like I was in the game. Then the tolerance goes up so fast, I was actually spending $20 a day just for a bag, waiting in a line (yes, there was a line!) of people outside the stores, waiting for the doors to open so I could get my bag.

I don't know if I can call myself lucky or not with this, as it made me stop using it, but during one night, I was smoking the same batch, brand, company whatever that I always got. It was somewhere around dusk, I could still see outside, I took a hit. Went completely blind. Lost all control of my body, couldn't move, couldn't feel anything, couldn't hear anything except the sound of myself struggling to breathe and the blood rushing in my ears. Had visions of the afterlife, saw many pieces of my life flashing before my eyes, and it completely changed me as a person. My personality is different, my taste in music is different, the way I think is different.

I sincerely thought I was going to die back then. When I was watching all these parts of my life passing by, I couldn't escape this horrible, horrible feeling of shame and failure, it was almost crushing me how strong this feeling was that something was just so upset and disappointed with me. Basically after who knows how long of me begging, begging, begging for my life and with promises to change my ways, I suddenly snapped to and I was back in my bedroom. It was late in the night. I was on the ground shaking and unable to breathe steadily... it took me a minute or two to regain my vision - I could only make out the dark shapes and shadows of objects in the room - and several more minutes passed before I could regain control of my body. Actually had to drag myself with my arms across my room and onto my bed so I could turn on a light, and then I just stayed there curled up until I could move my legs again.

And yes, my smoking of that BS was completely on behalf of me being unable to smoke weed. But now I don't do any drugs whatsoever. No weed, no spice, no cigarettes, no drinking, I'm working right now on cutting caffeine out of my daily routine.

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