What is the most bizarre reason a customer got angry with you?

i work at a coffee place and we serve a bunch of different breakfast promotion from opening hours until noon only, one of these options is scrambled eggs, and it’s the only type of eggs we have, a big family comes for breakfast and i notice right away the mother is not happy to be there, i take her order first and she tells me to make sure her eggs are “sunny-side up” i look at her weird and tell her it says the eggs are scrambled only, she gets mad at me for not having fried eggs (not my fault we don’t have plating for them but i don’t tell her that) she ends up asking for a muffin, i tell her i’ll go check up what options we have (i’m just starting my shift) and she gets mad at me for not knowing them, i just brush it off, as i’m taking the order of the rest of the family i overheard her husband tell her they can go to the breakfast place she wanted but she shrugs it off, i finally understand that she’s just looking for an excuse to leave, as i’m repeating their order for them she notices there’s an order for the eggs breakfast and demands i take it off, after her son explains to her that he asked for it she tries to talk him off of ordering it but he’s just not having it, anyways we had all types of muffins but since she no longer has the menu i list them all and she gets mad that we don’t have the type she wanted and says “why do you even list it in the menu if you don’t have it” but refuses to clarify which one it was, she waited until i was inside the kitchen to make her whole family walk off without telling me to cancel their order, luckily her daughter snuck out and went to let me know

another time a father came with her daughter to order scrambled eggs at 4 pm and she ended up screaming at me when i explained the eggs are only available until noon

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